"Cuando la cultura muere, la gente muere"

         "Cuando la cultura muere, la gente muere"

El Centro Cultural de México - Mission

Welcome to El Centro’s website!

El Centro Cultural de Mexico is an alternative space in Santa Ana where the community can find cultural, educational, and artistic activities that strengthen their identities, develop their talents and develop a sense of leadership in their community. 

By engaging Orange County residents and communities through community outreach efforts, it supports inter and intra-cultural interaction and dialogue among Orange County’s residents by creating a variety of programs which enable all people to explore their own heritage and culture. Through educational programming, which includes workshops in dance, music, art, and literacy, it promotes understanding and appreciation of the contributions of the many cultures in our region by sharing knowledge of Mexico’s rich cultural, and educational, and social legacy.

It seeks to be at the forefront of creating a strong ideological and cultural bridge to support bringing together a variety of cultural projects from Mexico and other parts of Mexico, Central and South America.

For more information, we encourage you to browse our website or contact us here. To get involved please visit us at one of our weekly volunteer meetings, which takes place Tuesdays at 7pm.