Thursday / Jueves: 7pm-10pm

Sunday / Domingo: 7pm-9pm

Danza Mesoamericana

This group was formed in an effort to reach out to anyone who is interested in learning the cultural traditions of the Mesoamerican peoples though one of its manifestations, Dance. Mesoamerica is a non political territory which extends and pushes the boundaries of the American South West to the North and the coasts of Honduras and Costa Rica to the South. Everyone is welcome to join our community which is formed by people of all ages, sexual orientations, creed and ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is welcome as long as respect to our persons and our traditions are kept. In this Calpulli we practice the traditions of our ancestor as closely possible to pre-hispanic times.

Este grupo fue formado para llegae y acarrear a cualquier persona que este interesada en aprender de le cultura mesoamericana atravez de una de sus manifestaciones, la danza. Mesoamerica en un territorio sin politicas ni barreras que atraviesa por todo el continente Americano Norte a Sur. Todos son bien benidos nuestra comunidad es formada por hombres, mujeres, niños de cualquier raza horantacion sexual, religion o cultura. Lo unico que pedimos es que nos repetemos unos a los otros y respetar nuestras tradidiones. en esta Calpulli practicamos las tradiciones de nuestros ancestros lo mas cercano que se pueda a la rea pre hispanica.