Danza Mesoamericana

Danza Mesoamericana

This group was formed in an effort to reach out to anyone who is interested in learning the cultural traditions of the Mesoamerican peoples though one of its manifestations, Dance. Mesoamerica is a non political territory which extends and pushes the boundaries of the American South West to the North and the coasts of Honduras and Costa Rica to the South. Everyone is welcome to join our community which is formed by people of all ages, sexual orientations, creed and ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is welcome as long as respect to our persons and our traditions are kept. In this Calpulli we practice the traditions of our ancestor as closely possible to pre-hispanic times.

In our meetings consist of drumming classes for those interested in playing the Huehuetl. One of our captains teaches the dance steps and rhythms simultanously, while the second captain teaches the drumming. The ceremony begins after an hour or so of instruction. The ceremony is the time in which the dancers are able to express themselves through the ancient movements and rituals. It is important to not that this is not a religion but a "spiritual life style". Though sacred movement, mathematics, astronomy, our connection to our planet, one another and the stars, we engage in a sublime life style of beauty, friendship, and harmony.

Class Hours

7pm- Ceremonia/Ceremony
6pm- Práctica/Practice

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